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This package includes:


  • C2.2 – Electrons Bonding and Structure
  • C3.1 – The Periodic Table
  • C3.2 – Physical Chemistry
  • C4.1 – Basic Concepts and Hydrocarbons
  • C4.2 – Alcohols, Haloalkanes and Analysis
  • C5.1 – Rates, Equilibrium and pH
  • C5.2 – Energy
  • C5.3 – Transition Elements
  • C6.1 – Aromatic Compounds and Carbonyls
  • C6.2 – Nitrogen Compounds and Synthesis
  • C6.3 – Analysis


These revision cards comprehensively cover the content of the latest OCR Chemistry A Specification and inputs from other major exam boards. They have been produced with reference to OCR Chemistry A mark-scheme verified phrasing, rephrased to accomadate other exam boards and ensure full marks in any new specification exam question, from any exam board.


Studying these revision cards will undoubtedly lead to improved exam technique in terms of focusing on keywords, and understanding the commonly asked questions, and how they may relate to core concepts.

A-Level Chemistry