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1200+ A-Level Physics and 1400+ A-Level Chemistry Flashcards

'Before I came across this revision resource I had run out of ways to revise and past papers (for OCR A at least) were hard to come by. My Year 13 exams went great and I remembered some of the template answers that I saw in the flashcards during my exam. That headstart will hopefully get me the A* I need in Physics need to get into Oxford. Thank you for your help alevelrevisioncards.co.uk.' "

Kate - A-Level Physics

" The flashcards saved me so much time when it came to doing my revision. They reminded me of old content I'd forgotten and kept my mind refreshed with the newer content I was learning at the time in lessons. I'd recommend you start using them as soon as possible, I wish I'd found them at the start of Year 12! "

Nitharsan - A-Level Chemistry

Bringing simplicity to the chaos of A Level Physics and Chemistry

www.alevelrevisioncards.co.uk is an online flashcard store, offering customers a collection of quality revision resources, that proved very successful in the 2018 and 2019 exam seasons.


Whether an individual student or a Head of Department, you can kickstart learning of the new A-Level Physics and Chemistry specifications in a few easy steps.

Why are these revision cards so useful?

Most students know and understand the A Level Physics and Chemistry specification content, but unfortunately, this isn't always enough. Take the example to the left:


From the mark scheme, if a student omits the word 'attractive' or 'short range', they will drop a mark.


Whilst harsh, there are many examples of this strict marking in the mark schemes. Exam boards are similar/identical in the keywords they require.


These flashcards are comprehensive and have been made having been through over 10+ years of mark schemes, compiling these all into one response, worthy of receiving full marks on any year's mark scheme.

Some further examples from both A-Level Chemistry and Physics are shown below:

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